Alta Plaza Park - A Park With a View

There are so many parks in this city. One of my favorites for views is Alta Plaza Park. It has panoramic views of the city from multiple places in the park. My favorites are the views from the top of the Pierce street stairs and the view from the playground.

Breakfast at Outerlands

I consider Outerlands to be a very kid friendly restaurant. Not only that but the food is incredibly good!  They serve locally sourced organic American fare and they are located in Outer Sunset.

Apple Picking at Gabriel Farm

I put off writing this post because of the fires that were happening in the region. I am happy to report that this farm was not affected by the fires and is still open for u-pick. Persimmon and Guava season starts next weekend! Below are more photos and the details of our apple picking adventures at Gabriel Farms. 


Coffee Pit Stop by Ocean Beach

Trouble Coffee is a funky hole in the wall coffee shop in Outer Sunset. It doesn't have a lot of seating inside but there's a bench outside and a little parklet where you can sit. I'm writing about it here because it's a great place to pick up a drink before heading to Ocean Beach or the Blackbird Bookstore next door

What to Expect When Taking a Toddler to the Museum of Ice Cream

I originally posted on Instagram that, based on my experience at the Museum of Ice Cream, I didn't recommend taking a young toddler there. However, knowing that all kids are extremely different, I decided to write this post from another angle. Instead of saying whether or not you should take your tot, I am going to lay out what you should expect should you choose to go.

Mama Time at Scribe Winery in Sonoma

Every mama needs some girl time now and then. A little time to unwind and not put someone else's needs ahead of her own. A little time to dress up and not have yogurt on her pants. Thanks to my good friend Danielle, I recently got the opportunity to have some mama time at Scribe Winery in Sonoma.

Adventures in Dolores Park

Mission Dolores Park is one of the largest and most versatile parks in the city. There is something for everyone here and depending on what day/time you go it can either be calm and peaceful or loud and lively.

Brunch at Terrain Cafe in Palo Alto

Recently, we found a great brunch place in Palo Alto that is connected to the Anthropologie store. Because it is part of the store you can tell they keep the Anthropologie aesthetic in mind. Its decor is rustic and natural with things like hanging terrariums. This cute cafe is kid friendly and also serves a delicious brunch.

Visiting the Painted Ladies With a Toddler

These colorful Victorian houses, with fantastic views of the city behind them, are most known for their appearance in the TV show, Full House. But none of this is going to matter to your 2-year-old so how do you entertain a toddler if you want to go take pictures of the painted ladies?

Mommy and Me Toast Date at The Mill

I had heard so much about San Francisco's $4.00 toast that I had to find out what the big deal was all about. I looked it up online first and found some critics stating that a toast restaurant was a crazy idea but to me it sounded perfect. I came across the website for the mill which says "We baked some bread and brewed some coffee for you." That's basically a perfect welcome from a close friend. So I decided to take Atlas and check them out. I love coffee and Atlas loves toast, perfect combo.

Summer in San Francisco

I was trying to describe summer in San Francisco to a friend and I realized it's easier to describe with photos. The photos for this post were taken on the same day from my living room to show how the fog comes in and out of the city. 

Croissant Dates at Le Marais Bakery

We found the cutest little bakery the other day in the Castro neighborhood. The charming baby blue exterior, big windows and black and white details at Le Marais Bakery immediately caught my attention.  Once we were inside we were convinced to stay by the dreamy lighting and the taste of the coffee and croissants.